Putting the Recipe Distiller button on your site

The recipe distiller button gives your readers the ability to save their favorite recipes and create grocery lists from them without having to change the way you format your recipes. We also provide native iPhone and Android apps to allow your readers to access your recipe content on the go.

The recipe distiller button is similar to the social bookmarking buttons you already use (Facebook Like, Digg, reddit, etc.) except it is specialized for recipe content. By simply adding a little bit of HTML to your recipes, you can add the same Recipe Box and Shopping List functionality found on bigger sites with minimal fuss.

Adding the button

Create a link on your recipe page with the following format:

http://recipedistiller.com/recipe/classify/?recipeurl=[INSERT URL HERE]

Replace [INSERT URL HERE] with the absolute url to your recipe page. The argument must be URL-encoded.

Link Builder

  1. Enter your recipe url:

  2. Select an image or text label that you'd like to use:

Generated Link:

Copy/paste the following code into your site:

If your blogging software supports javascript, you can use the following snippet to automatically extract ingredients from the recipe on the current page. This way, you won't have to keep creating new links for every single recipe url on your site.


  • The button should be used on a page that contains a single recipe.
  • At this time, the button will only work with English language sites. Please Contact us if you have accuracy issues with the automated ingredient extraction.